The San Juan Police Department Community Policing Section’s mission is to promote a partnership between the community and the police.  Towards this goal Community Policing works hand and hand with the Pharr San Juan Alamo School District  by having one School Resource Officer assigned to the High school.


With the cooperation of the schools we also administer the local D.A.R.E. program. Through these and other programs we encourage community involvement to address the causes of crime, the fear of crime, and quality of life issues within the City.


If you would like more information and/or would like to volunteer in our Neighborhood Watch Program please contact Officer Bryan Medina at 956 223-2400.


Police VIP Volunteer Opportunities

The San Juan Police department utilizes the voluntary services of dedicated citizens to enhance existing police services and improve the efficiency of the organization.

The Police Volunteer Initiatives Program is a highly structured volunteer program.  The VIP is for individuals who wish to volunteer their time as a non-sworn, non-paid member of the department. Volunteers are not sworn members and do not have any authority or duties that would consider them a police officer with the exception of police reserve officers.

  • Neighborhood Watch Program

    neighborhood watch also called a crime watch or neighborhood crime watch, is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood.

  • Neighborhood Speed Watch Program

    Whether your concern is your children playing in the neighborhood, your pet’s safety, backing the car out of the driveway, or a blind corner, speeding is a neighborhood issue that often “hits” home.

    Neighborhood residents are often frustrated at what little can apparently be done about speeding. The San Juan Police Department Neighborhood Speed Watch program is a way for neighbors to do something about speeding.

    It provides neighbors an alternative to yelling an antagonizing “SLOW DOWN” at moving cars.The department will conduct a traffic study of the residential area and the citizens concerns prior to installing signs, speed bumps, speed buttons and/or any other traffic device that will slow down the speeding vehicles. If you have any immediate concerns contact the police department at 956-223-2400. If you would like for the department to conduct a traffic study contact our Traffic Liaison Cristo Gonzalez at 956-223-2435.

  • Police Reserve Officer Program

    The Police Reserve Program is comprised of community members who volunteer their time to fulfill many of the roles handled by full-time sworn police officers. Reserve officers receive the same training as full time officers and work alongside them in every aspect of Department operations.

  • Police Explorer Program

    The Explorer program provides special training to the youth that are preparing themselves for a career in law enforcement. The group is highly community oriented in identifying and removing graffiti in our neighborhood and assisting in other crime prevention initiatives.

  • Crime Stoppers Program

    As a non-profit organization, crime stoppers involves the community, the media and law enforcement in the fight against crime. Crime Stoppers works with the San Juan Police Department, but we are not part of the police department and our Board Members are not police officers.

  • G.R.E.A.T. Program

    An organization that trains police officers to learn how to talk to young students and prevent them from becoming involved with gangs. Officers conduct presentations to elementary and middle school students in the PSJA area.

  • Gun “buyback” Program

    A gun “buyback” program is a program instituted to purchase privately owned firearms not wanted by gun owners anymore. A “reward” is usually paid through a pre-paid card for these firearms.

  • H.E.A.T  (Help End Auto Theft) Program

    The H.E.A.T. Program is a free statewide vehicle registration program that helps law enforcement officials identify stolen vehicles. Any vehicle owner in Texas can obtain a special decal for the back window of his/her car or truck that authorizes law enforcement officers to stop the vehicle and verify ownership between 1:00 am thru 5:00 am anywhere in Texas.

  • Graffiti Abatement Program

    Graffiti Abatement Program works with concerned neighbors and business-owners to locate, report and remove graffiti from public and private spaces. We work towards accomplishing this goal in several ways: Recruiting and training volunteers to assist with graffiti reporting/removal in their own neighborhoods; working with the Parks & Recreation department in identifying and removing graffiti in our neighborhoods.

  • Shop with a COP

    Shop with a Cop is a unique program in which San Juan Police officers and share Christmas with children and families in San Juan who are in need. Officers and children spend time together, one on one, in an unforgettable holiday shopping experience.

Volunteers in Policing Application

Crime Prevention Initiatives

  • Christmas Toy Drive
  • Auto Theft Prevention Initiative
  • Youth Rally
  • Crime Victims 5K
  • VIP Initiatives

For more information contact Inv. Carlos Ramos, Crime Stoppers Coordinator, 956 223-2496