Gang Scope Regional Gang Unit – This Unit was created in 2009 with a mission to reduce gang activity and crime in the Pharr San Juan Alamo area. Specialized investigators investigate gang activity with a high concentration on juvenile crime.


Its functions and responsibilities is to reduce and track gang violence through awareness, education, and criminal enforcement of crimes committed by gang members. Gang members are tracked through a specialized state funded software awarded to San Juan Police Department in 2009.


In 2009 and 2013 this unit received state funded grant awards to expand their criminal investigations through the Anti-Gang Regional Initiative Program.This unit also investigates crimes committed by transnational gangs and criminal organizations operating in this area.


This unit has arrested hundreds of gang members since its inception. Some gang members have been arrested for serious crimes such as: capital murder, murder, attempted murder, organized crime, auto theft, kidnapping, aggravated assault, assault, human trafficking, human smuggling, criminal mischief, graffiti, arms trafficking, drug trafficking and theft.


This unit has also provided hundreds of training hours of gang awareness and education to hundreds of teenagers, adults and non-profit organizations as part of their education and awareness program.


If you believe that you have gang activity in your neighborhood please contact us at 956 283-8477. For presentations contact
Sgt. Rolando Garcia  at 956-223-2400.