The San Juan Police Department K-9 Unit was established in 2009. The K-9 Unit currently consists of  two K-9’s and their handlers. The K-9’s are assigned to the Patrol Division and are utilized on all shifts primarily working the evening and night shift. The K-9’s are used for tracking, detection of narcotics, tactical patrol and protection work.


The K-9 program is made possible through Asset Forfeiture Fund and donations from local service organizations and citizens of the local community.


The canines used by the San Juan Police Department are German Shepards. The K9 Units utilize various types of vehicles. All handlers and their partners are trained on a continuous basis. The officers are also assigned to do demonstrations at public schools and events. The K9 Unit is headed by a Sergeant, who oversees the training and scheduling of extra assignments, such as demonstrations. Officers working K9 Patrol have the option of wearing BDU uniforms.


Our Police Department pursed a grant “donation” through Universal K-9 in the amount of $12,000 to secure an Explosive K-9. The grant parameters required the city to cover the costs of the K-9 handler’s course and maintenance fees in the amount of $2,900.

Universal K-9 obtained the K-9 that was used in the course where the officer and the K-9 underwent training for a period of two weeks. The K-9 was adopted ant the end of course completion at no charge to the city of which finalized the grant. The K-9 has been added to the LEERRT and is currently being used to detect explosives.


K9 Officer Librado Casas and Narcotic Detection K9 'Levi"

K9 Officer Librado Casas and Narcotic Detection K9 ‘Levi”

K9 Offcer Michael Quiroz and Narcotic Detection K9 "Chili"

K9 Offcer Michael Quiroz and Narcotic Detection K9 “Chili”

Any surrounding Police Departments may request the assistance of either the drug detection dog, tactical patrol dog, and explosive detection dog by contacting the San Juan Police Department at 956-223-2400.

Retirement of K9 Chili

San Juan Police have a retirement ceremony for K-9 Chili.  Chili has served the San Juan Police Department for 9 years. “Good boy Chili..Good Boy”