Shop with a COP

Shop with a Cop is a unique program in which San Juan Police officers and share Christmas with children and families in San Juan who are in need. Officers and children spend time together, one on one, in an unforgettable holiday shopping experience.This is one way San Juan Police Officers make a positive contribution to the community. Shop with a Cop is sponsored primarily by San Juan Lions Club. A number of local businesses assist in allowing Shop with a Cop to take place each year. Some of the businesses are:  Walmart and Walgreens.

History of Shop with a Cop

The program began in 2005 with sponsorship by the San Juan Police Department. In the first year, the San Juan Lions Club and Wal-Mart were the sole partner.

How are children selected to participate?

Children are recommended for participation in the program by police department members, school employees, social agencies, court system, citizens and other family agencies.

Shop with a Cop

Shop with a Cop

The criteria for the children are: they must be a resident of the San Juan Police Department, be in grades K-5th grade, they have a social or economic need and they have not participated in the Shop with a Cop program in the past.  We understand that times are hard for the community but they cannot currently be receiving support for Christmas through another charitable program.

When is the 2014 Shop with a Cop?

The event will be held the second week of December at the Alamo Wal-Mart. Parents and guardians are notified in advance. The location to meet so that the child and officer are partnered up is the San Juan Police Department. The children are given the donated money via a Wal-Mart gift card and are allowed to spend it as they wish. Police officers in uniform keep track of the spending and help the children with gift ideas.

Contact Us

For more information on the Shop with a Cop program, to nominate a child for participation, or to make a donation, please contact the Shop with a Cop hotline: 956-223-2420 or email:

Shop with a Cop

Shop with a Cop

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