Anti-Graffiti Initiative

What is Graffiti?

Generally, graffiti can be defined as the defacing of public or private property by painting, drawing, writing, etching or carving without the property owner’s permission. The offense of mischief found in the Criminal Code of Texas gives police the power to file charges for graffiti related incidents.

How Graffiti Affects Our Community

Graffiti is more than just words or symbols sprayed. Graffiti is an act of vandalism that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to remove or cover every year. Every dollar spent on graffiti removal is a dollar that could be used on other needed programs.

Areas filled with graffiti are less appealing to those who may be looking to buy or rent property in the City of San Juan.  Property becomes more difficult to sell and values are reduced.

If not immediately removed, graffiti sends out a message that “nobody cares” about the area. It also causes the area to look unsafe and makes people concerned about their personal safety. This creates an open invitation for more littering, loitering and other graffiti. Unfortunately, it may also lead to an increase in other crimes and acts of violence.

The San Juan Police Department Anti-Graffiti Initiative was created to address those areas mostly affected by this crime. Officers main functions and purpose is to apprehend and arrest those responsible for committing  this crimes.  We work closely with the San Juan Parks & Recreation Department to remove graffiti from business and residential areas.

*If you have a graffiti problem in your area please contact us at 956 -283-8477.