A jailer is someone who catches criminals and looks after them in jail. They also maintain a jail’s safety and manage the inmates.

Duties of a Jailer

  • A jailer’s main responsibility is to manage a jail. This includes the management of the inmates or prisoners to maintain order in the facility.
  • Jailers also observe the behavior of each inmate for further evaluation. If intervening is necessary, jailers have the right to do so to establish regulations.
  • A jailer should always inspect the locks, gates, windows, and doors of the establishment to ensure security.
  • Jailers also keep the records of each inmate. This includes the incident done by the prisoner, general information, and activities. These records serve as a basis for evaluating the prisoner.
  • To ensure maximum security, jailers also guard the gates and every entrance to screen each visitor and confirm that the visitor means no harm. Jailers also guard a visitor’s conversation with the prisoner to make sure that there is no arrangement for escapes or other illegal doings.
  • If inmates fight, a jailer is tasked to settle the problem so as to prevent further disorders.
  • Jailers also support and assist police or other investigators in their investigations.

Work Condition of a Jailer

  • Jailers work in various parts of the establishment. Sometimes, they are located at the gate, guarding the gates and sometimes you will find them at the counter or the front desk for information. The location of a jailer depends on his shift and on his assignment.
  • A jailer’s work is very dangerous since it involves confrontations with unlawful people and sometimes, they are in for chases with these people.

Educational Requirements of a Jailer

  • Some employers or departments require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree with training in the field of Criminology or any related field. The mixture of education and experience provides great quality to a candidate.
  • Some employers have age requirement but all employers do have a screening for every candidate that includes drug tests and the likes.