Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) upholds the agency’s standards for integrity and professionalism. As a key part of that responsibility, San Juan OPR investigates allegations of misconduct involving employees of the San Juan Police Department.

San Juan (OPR) investigates misconduct allegations based upon the following criteria:

  • Allegations that, if true, would constitute violations of the San Juan Police Department City Employee Manual, Civil Service Statutes and state or federal criminal law; or
  • Allegations of misconduct that, if true, would jeopardize or undermine the agency’s ability to perform its mission.

In cases of potential misconduct, San Juan (OPR)  prepares reports of its investigations for possible disciplinary actions and/or management action. San Juan (OPR) also conduct audits and inspections of the department divisions and their personnel to ensure that all policies and procedures are adhere to.

Citizen Complaint


If I as a citizen have a complaint against an officer and/or employee what would I need to do?

If you wish to make a complaint against an officer and/or employee you can contact us by phone, mail or in person. All complaints will be heard and evaluated. If you wish to make a complaint in person and speak to a supervisor, you will be referred to the most available supervisor (SGT.) or Officer In-Charge (O.I.C.). If there is not a Sgt. or O.I.C. on duty your complaint will be referred to the Lieutenant. The cooperation of the complainant is important and desired but it is not mandatory.

All complainants will be contacted formally to follow-up on their concerns. We will make every effort to resolve citizen complaints within 30 days of filing. This agency will offer our citizens an option of having their complaint involving allegations of misconduct by a police employee to be mediated rather than investigated in the normal manner. The Police Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility will designate which specific complaints can be offered to be resolved through mediation.

Citizen Complaint Form

If I as a citizen would like to commend an officer and/or employee what would I need to do?

The San Juan Police Department is proud of its employees. It’s very rewarding to everyone in our department to know that people appreciate their hard work and dedication. If you would like to commend the actions of an employee or employees of the Police Department, we would like to hear about your experience so that we can pass your comments on to the appropriate people who were involved. Please fill out the appropriate form and send it via email to , Fax to 956-783-3503  or through mail at 2301 N. Raul Longoria San Juan, Texas 78589.

Officer Commendation Form