Special Investigative Officers

The Special Investigative Officers works in conjunction with other specialized officers that are assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, US Marshals Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ATF, Texas Attorney Generals Office, US Customs & Border Protection, TX DPS and other local, country, state and federal agencies. The department’s  SIU squad serves all communities in the PSJA  area  as well as within MOU cities. They also work in cooperation with youth agencies and conduct presentations on drug awareness and education seminars.

This specialized investigators concentrate on violent crime involving gang and drug activity. They conduct short term and long term criminal investigations on suspected drug trafficking and human smuggling organizations operating in this area.

They work closely with the patrol division and provide assisting to the Patrol Units such as undercover vehicles and other technical devices to assist the patrol officers. They also provide expertise in such areas as writing search warrants, doing controlled buys with confidential informants, and formulating viable raid plans. They have a three single-purpose police canines, certified as a Narcotics Detector Dog, Tactical Patrol Dog and an Explosives Detectable Dog, to assist in drug investigations.